Probability, the art of counting things

When probability talks, you hear set theory.

Threat detection with Atomic Red Team and Azure Sentinel

Finding hostile activity by setting MITRE ATT&CK tripwires.

Building an Active Directory lab with Proxmox

Are you the master of your domain? (5): Database design

Defining the logical organization of an issue tracker’s data. (4): Authentication

Doing it right with user sessions, password hashing and database storage.

Shenanigans with systemd

Learning about service management with the help of an unfriendly Python script.

ml.doc (1.2): Learning as optimization

Finding a good classifier by stumbling in its general direction.

ml.doc (1.1): Learning from data

How does a computer learn from experience? (3): Modularity with Blueprints

Now featuring a prototype interface and better project structure! (2): Making templates with Bootstrap

A step towards developing interfaces that don’t remind you of Geocities.